Tractor Manufacturers

Tractor Manufacturers

Tractors have been around since the late 1800s where the first engine-powered piece of equipment used steam. Since then with the technological advancements, the machinery over duration of years has evolved from steam usage to gasoline fuel to meet the many needs of changing times. The development of tractor manufactures has lessened since the beginning of its existence but those that remain are still strong and vibrant. Mergers and acquisitions have left three dominant world wide known agricultural equipment manufacturers.

Tractor Manufacturers

John Deere Tractors. John Deere is known for its farming equipment and lawn mowers. In 2006, it was the largest agricultural equipment in the world. They stand behind their name with high quality equipment. Some of their most memorable tractor line includes the 50, 55, 60, 70, and 8000 series. In 2008 the company changed their number formula and horsepower rating.

CNH – Case New Holland. This manufacturer is the second largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world. The current line has models from 31 up to 80 HP including 8900 Magnum series, the MX series, and the Case STX Steiger model.

Claas Tractors. This was the third largest agricultural equipment company in the world in the late 2000s. Claas tractors included the Nectis series, the CLAAS Axos series, the Ares series, the Arion series, the Altes series, the Xerion Saddle Trac and the Xerion Trac series.

AGCO tractors. This consolidated agricultural equipment company manufacturer is out of Duluth, Georgia and has an assortment of brand names in its lineup including Massey Ferguson and Challenger tractors. Series include MF 398, the MF 699, the 2685, 2005, 5600, 6670, 8700 and 9700.

The pros and cons of Tractor Manufacturers

Many of the tractor manufacturers have merged over the years and with these mergers come changes. With the consolidations there seems to be less brand loyalty. If a supplier sells a combination of tractor brands and a customer has a problem with the equipment, it is a problem if the dealer can not service or repair it. The size and power of the newer machinery is allowing farmers to get more done and quicker. With the more modern tractors you can find features that include air conditioned and heated cabs, heated seats, joystick guidance and control systems, and electronic connectivity.

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